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Vibration Solutions

  • System vibration assessments
  • Random vibration and sine vibration evaluations
  • Identify system resonant frequencies and amplification
  • Forensic reports with proposed solutions

Special Equipment Foundation Design

  • Horizontal vessel and heat exchangers
  • Spherical vessels
  • Machine tool equipment
  • Electrical equipment structures

What we do:

  • Foundation design to meet performance requirements, including normal operation, test conditions, fluid surge, maintenance and repair conditions, seismic, thermal response, impact, and other environmental effects
  • Equipment anchorage system design including machine sole plates, anchor bolts and skid system
  • Piling and caisson system design to limit the foundation settlement and/or enhance the equipment response when required


Foundations for Dynamic Equipment  

  • Pumps & Compressors
  • Gas Turbine Generators
  • Steam Turbine Generators
  • Hammer Mills & Crushers
  • Fans

What we do:

  • Initial and final foundation sizing  to meet static and dynamic performance requirements
  • Full dynamic analyses of the machine foundation system, including consideration of soil-structure interaction effects
  • Dynamic response of the foundation system during normal operation (steady state), start up and coast down conditions
  • Vibration isolation solutions
  • Machine anchorage system design
  • Construction & commissioning aids