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Fossil Power & Industrial Facilities


engNoveX has extensive experience in the design of new fossil and other industrial facilities, and upgrades of existing facilities. Some of our extensive capabilities include:

  • Structural steel design of large steel structures and modular design concepts, including moment frames, braced frames, composite slabs and beams, grating platforms, and long-span composite trusses
  • Reinforced concrete design, included mat foundations, pile supported foundations, equipment pedestals, two-way slabs, tee-beams and shear walls

  • Analysis and design for large structural upgrades, including SGRs, long-span structures, unique construction loads, rigging and crane analysis (learn more about our Advanced Analysis capabilities)

  • Anchorage design and repair, including subject matter expert personnel with extensive experience

  • Stack and chimney design, including steel stacks per ASME STS-1

  • Turbine pedestal and machine foundation design (learn more about our capabilities for Turbine Pedestal and Machine Foundations)