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engNoveX has capabilities in the following areas:

  • Modeling and analysis of substation structures using RISA-3D, STAAD, SAP-2000 and Power Line Systems software (PLS-CADD, PLS-POLE and TOWER)
  • Rigid bus analysis and design in accordance with IEEE Standard 605
  • Determination of wind, ice, seismic, and short circuit loads on substation structures in accordance with the IEEE Standard 605, ASCE Standard 7, NESC, various state building codes, and utility specific design basis manuals
  • Design of steel structures and and detailing per AISC 360 Specifications and base plate design per AISC Base Plate and Anchor Rod Design Manual
  • Design of collector substations for wind farm projects
  • Design of concrete foundations and anchorage per ACI 318 and experience with Mat3D and RISA-Foundation software products for standard substation structures, including rigid bus supports, switch stands, circuit breakers, lightning masts, H-frames and A-frames
  • Drilled pier analysis and design with Allpile and L-Pile software products
  • Sag-tension calculations for termination structures using PLS-CADD and SAG-10
  • Design of transformer oil containment pits in accordance with IEEE Standard 980 and reinforced concrete fire separation walls